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Sending intake forms and documents to clients

Sending intake forms and documents to clients

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Once your Client Portal is set up, you can create a new client and select the forms you want to send to them through the Client Portal. Here's how:

  • Click + Create > + Create Client 


  • Enter the new client's name and contact information, and select Create & Continue
  • In the Send Intakes window, select which forms you want to send


  • Choose Continue to Email
  • Click Continue to Review
  • Select Share & Send Now when you're done and the client will receive the Welcome email with the Client Portal link

Note: See My Notes and Forms: Creating customized client intake and progress note templates to learn how to customize your intake form and note templates. 

How to customize the Welcome message to a client or contact 

Here is how to customize the welcome message:

  • Navigate to Settings > Client Portal > Emails tab
  • Click Edit next to the default Welcome message for clients 


  • Click Contact Emails to edit the default Welcome message for contacts


Note: If you're working with minor clients and would like to learn more about setting up a minor client and their contacts, see Enhanced Client Management for Minors.

You can also send the Intake invitation from the New Client creation page. To do that:

  • Click + Create Create Client
  • Enter the new client's name and contact information
  • Click Create & Continue 
  • In the Send Intakes window, select the documents you want to send and click Share & Send Now

Note: Be sure not to delete the {practice_client_portal_login_link} as that generates the PIN # that the client will use to log in.

Did my client open the intake email?

You can check on whether your new client has opened the welcome email and logged into the Client Portal by going to your client's Overview page and clicking Edit > Client Portal tab. If they have not yet logged into the Client Portal, you will see this notification below Client Portal Access


How do I resend the Client Portal access email?

If you need to resend the Client Portal access email to your client, you can navigate to the client's Overview page > Edit > Client Portal tab. From there, check Resend email invitation:


Then, you can choose Send Email to send them a new Client Portal invitation email:


If you change the email address for the client in the Client Info tab, you will also need to make sure to resend the Client Portal access email.

What do clients see when they first access the Client Portal?

This video will show you all of the initial steps clients take to create an account, complete intake forms online, and enter credit card information:

Note: You can also create a test client using your own contact information to try out sharing documents and preview the intake forms you plan to send.

Important: State laws may vary. SimplePractice recommends you confirm the laws in your state before allowing a minor's parent/guardian to access the minor's portal.

Can I change the order of documents presented in the Client Portal?

The consent documents and intake forms you share will be presented to your client in the order that you see in your Settings > Client Portal > Shared Documents and Files settings.


If you'd like for your client to see the forms in a different order, you can: 

  • Rearrange the order of these forms by deleting and recreating them in a specific order, or
  • Send the forms to your client one at a time in the order that you'd like

How does Instant Sign In work?

With Instant Sign In, your clients will be able to use a unique link to sign into their Client Portal each time. This removes the need for your clients to memorize a password and improves the overall security of their Client Portal account. 

To learn more about how to invite a new client to the Client Portal through Instant Sign In, and to help clients that are having trouble signing into their Client Portal, see Assisting clients with Instant Sign In for the Client Portal

Note: To get your client's perspective on signing into the Client Portal using Instant Sign In see Getting started guides for clients: How to log in to the Client Portal.

How will I know when my clients complete their intake forms?

When your client has completed all of their pending documents in the Client Portal, you will receive an email alerting you that the documents are completed.

The client must complete all of their documents in order for you to receive this email.


Where can I find the completed intake and documents for signature?

Your client's completed intake form and other questionnaires are found on the client's Overview page. Here's how to get there:

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page and locate the Shared with Client section in the right navigation panel.


Note: You can also Share New documents with the client from the Shared with Client section.

How can I print my client's intake documents?

After your client has completed the portal intake, the demographic information filled out by the client automatically updates the Client Info tab for the client. The electronically signed documents are available to print and review in the Uploaded Files section in the right navigation panel.


Select the correct form, then press the printer icon.


What if I need to resend a form to a client?

If a form was already completed and submitted to you, you can resend the same form. You can do this by navigating to the Shared With Client box and clicking Share New to select the form.


If a form has not been completed by the client yet, follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to the Shared With Client box on the client's Overview page 
  • Delete the file that you want to resend to the client by clicking the X next to the title
  • Click Delete now in the confirmation modal that appears 
  • Click Share New from the Shared With Client box 
  • Select the form you want to resend to the client 
  • Review your selection and the associated email, then click Share & Send Now 

How do I share documents with existing clients?

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page.
  • Click Share New in the Shared With Client box.


  • Select the documents you want to send to your client in the Share items window, then click Continue to Email


  • You can customize the email that will get sent to the client, then click Continue to Review. Click Share & Send Now when you're ready to send the client the email and documents. 
  • When your client logs into the portal using your unique practice link (or from the email you sent them when you shared the documents), they will see all the pending and completed documents that you have shared. This helps them easily track what they need to complete and send back to you. Here is the client view of the Client Portal Documents tab:


  • Once your client has completed the requested documents, you can locate the completed forms in:
    • Stored Documents: uploaded documents, PDF's, signed practice documents
    • List/Excerpt view of the client profile: Any forms/questionnaires a client has filled out

How do I store client documents? 

You can store nearly any type of digital file or document, including Word documents, PDFs, photos, video clips, sound recordings, spreadsheets, and more. The only requirement is that the file is 10MB or less.

You can store documents or images in the client's Overview page in the Uploaded Files section. To do this, either click Upload in the upper right hand corner, or click Upload New in the Uploaded Files section:


Alternatively, you can attach files to an individual progress note by clicking the paper clip icon:


After you upload a file from a progress note or from the client's Overview page, it will be accessible in the Uploaded Files section. In that section, you can change the name of a file by clicking the pencil icon. 

Note: There is no storage limit, and any file uploaded to this section will only be visible to you unless you share the document with the client. 

How do I upload and share documents for individual clients?

You can upload documents from your computer or device to share to individual clients through the Client Portal. For instructions on how to upload a file to a client's Overview page, see our section How do I store client documents

Note: To learn how to upload and share documents to multiple clients on a practice level, see Customizing and adding new practice documents.

Once you've uploaded the document, here's how you can share it with your client:

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page
  • Click Share Now in the Shared with Client box


    • Alternatively, you can click Share in the upper right hand corner
  • Select the document you uploaded from the Share Documents window


  • Click Continue to Email
  • Select Continue to Review
  • Choose Share & Send Now

Can I print a blank version of the intake questionnaire?

Yes, if your client doesn't use email, you can provide a blank form to collect the intake information. However, the process to get this information into SimplePractice involves a few extra steps. See How do I print blank forms? to learn how. 

Important details to know

  • If you did not include a link to the client's demographic information, intake, or practice documents when you first created them, you can simply share these documents with them at any time. For instructions on how to share documents with clients, see How do I share documents with existing clients?
  • If your client has deleted their email with their unique PIN, you can locate this PIN by going to the client's Overview page > Edit > Client Portal tab and locating the PIN under Client Portal Access.
  • You can always disable/re-enable the Client Portal to trigger a new email being sent to your new or existing client.
    • Note: This will change the PIN number the client needs to use to log in for the first time.
  • You cannot view the text of a customized email later. You can only see that the email was sent in your Account Activity and in your Sent emails report. You can learn more about Account Activity and Reports in these guides:

Note: For even more information, see our New client intake and Client Portal FAQ guide.

Tip: If you would like for clients to be able to share documents with you, see Setting up the Client Portal

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