Trouble logging in to your account


Here's a few common troubleshooting steps when logging into your account:

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1. Usernames are case sensitive

This is the most common login issue we see. Make sure you are entering your username exactly as you created it. Make sure to use capital letters if you used capital letters when creating your username.

Example: If you created your username as John 123 you will not be able to log in if you enter john 123 or John123


2. Enter a valid email address

If you receive an error message that says "Please enter a valid email address" when typing in your email address, this means you have not yet entered a complete email address with correct formatting:

This error message most frequently occurs because you have inserted a space in the email address or your have not typed in the .com or .edu or .orgportion of your email address.


3. Email not found

When trying to recover your username, if you receive this message, it means you are entering an email address that is not in our database.

This means you probably created your SimplePractice account with another one of your email addresses. Or it means that your account has been deleted.

You can sign up for another free trial with this unrecognized email address at any time.


4. Email or Username not found

When trying to reset your password, you will receive this error message if either your username or your email address is entered incorrectly.

if your username is correct and your email is wrong- you will still receive this message.

If your email is correct and your username is wrong- you will still receive this message.


For security reasons, we do not identify which element of the security verification process is incorrect. This is a common practice for greater online security.


5. Confirm your account email address

Even after you recover your password, you won't be able to log back in if you haven't confirmed the email address on your account. This article will show you how: How do I confirm my email address?


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