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Refer-a-Colleague: SimplePractice referral program

Refer-a-Colleague: SimplePractice referral program

You and your colleagues can earn a $150 credit toward your subscription charges for your SimplePractice account with our referral program. You can invite people directly from your SimplePractice account, or send your custom referral link to your Twitter followers or Facebook friends.

If a colleague uses your invite to sign up for a paid SimplePractice account, you’ll both earn $150 credit after their trial ends. This credit will be applied to your account after your referee makes their first subscription payment. 

Note: For a limited time, you and your colleagues can earn up to $200 subscription credit with our referral program. When your colleague signs up for a paid subscription using your referral link between 2/14/24 and 3/31/24, you'll both earn $200 credit each. After 3/31/24, you and your colleague will instead receive a credit of $150. Once your colleague uses your link to sign up for an account and converts to a paid subscription, your credit will be applied to your next billing cycle.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Finding your referral link

Referrals are managed through the referral link in your account. For you and your referee to receive the credit, they must sign up using your unique link. To share your referral link:

  • Navigate to your Calendar homepage
  • Click Get $150 off your next bill
  • Enter your colleague's email address
    • If you’d like to send to multiple colleagues, use a comma to separate the email addresses
  • Click Send Invite


Alternatively, you can copy the unique link to share it on your blog or social media accounts on X, Facebook, or LinkedIn. To do this:

  • Click the X, Facebook, or LinkedIn icons to share your referral link
  • If you’d prefer to copy and post your link, select the Copy Link button below the email address field


Note: We don't stack promotions - this Refer-a-Colleague promotion isn't available to use in conjunction with any other promotions. 

Receiving the referral invite

When you refer a colleague to SimplePractice, they'll need to use your unique email invite when signing up to receive the credit. To use your referral link, your colleague can: 

  • Click Start My Free Trial in the email invite

Start my free trial email.png

  • Complete all fields
  • Click Start My Free Trial Now


If your colleague decides to sign up for a paid SimplePractice account at the end of their 30 day free trial, you’ll both receive a $150 credit toward your SimplePractice subscriptions. If they’d signed up for a trial prior to 12/31/2023 and add an additional clinician before their first subscription payment, you’ll both earn an additional $150 credit.

Managing your referrals

At the bottom of the Refer-a-Colleague page, you can keep track of the following:

  • How many colleagues you‘ve sent an invite to
  • How many colleagues that used your referral link and are in a trial account
  • How many of the colleagues that you’ve referred have signed up for a paid account

Important: The referral link is the only way we can track your referrals and credits.

If a colleague you referred needs your referral code reshared with them, you can resend the link by clicking the Re-send invite button next to their email. 


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