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Using Wiley Treatment Planners

Using Wiley Treatment Planners

Wiley Treatment Planners provide a quick and easy way to develop treatment plans for specific diagnoses directly in SimplePractice. Using Wiley Treatment Planners save you time, as well as guide you to choose the most effective, researched-based treatment options for clients. Here’s how to to create a Wiley treatment plan:

  • Navigate to the client’s Overview page
  • Click New > Diagnosis & Treatment Plan


  • Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate diagnosis and click Save


  • Use the dropdown menu to choose Wiley


Note: The Wiley option will only be available for diagnoses that have Wiley data associated with them. If you select one diagnosis that has Wiley data and a second diagnosis that doesn't have Wiley data, the Wiley option will not be available to use. In this case, please use either the Basic or Advanced treatment plan.

  • Choose the Presenting Problem from the Treatment Planner you’d like to work with. The options are based off of those provided in the book you’ve chosen. In this step, you can only select one Presenting Problem per diagnosis


  • Click Continue to Behavior. Select as many options as needed, but at least one Behavior Definitions must be selected
  • Click Continue to Goals. Select as many options as needed, but at least one Goal must be selected
  • Click Continue to Objective. Select as many options as needed, but at least one Objective must be chosen for each of the goals you selected
  • Click Continue to Interventions. Select as many options as needed, but at least one Intervention must be chose for each of the objectives you selected
  • To review the treatment plan, click Continue to Overview
  • In the Overview section, check to make sure that the treatment plan accurately reflects what you need. Here, you may also enter the Treatment Frequency as well as the Date and Time Assigned to Diagnosis & Treatment Plan and Set Reminder to Review Plan
  • Click Complete and Save


To make adjustments to the treatment plan, click the pencil icon


Click More for options to Print, Download, or Delete the treatment plan.


Tip: For more information on Wiley Treatment Planners, see: Wiley Treatment Planner FAQs.

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