Data export: Exporting client information

Exporting client information is simple with our data export feature. You can export data for a single client, or for all of your clients at once. Exporting your data can help you maintain accurate records or comply with requests from verified 3rd parties such as lawyers, law enforcement agencies, or court systems. Currently, we only export in the vCard format (.vcf) and we are not able to export data to Excel or CSV file formats at this time.

In this guide, we'll cover: 

Important: Only Account Owners can export data from accounts. If you're a clinician that is part of a Group account, you'll need to contact your SimplePractice account owner to request a data export.

Exporting data

Download options

You have 3 options for what you can download: 

 Export Types Information included

Progress Notes, Psychotherapy Notes, Mental Status Exams, Diagnosis and Treatment Plans, Chart Notes, client contact information, Invoices, Statements, Superbills, Intake Questionnaire, Secure Messaging, and Stored Documents.

 Sessions Progress Notes, Psychotherapy Notes, Mental Status Exams, Diagnosis and Treatment Plans, Chart Notes, and Intake Questionnaires. This export type does not contain client contact information.
 Contacts Client contact information exported in vCard (.vcf) format for easy import into address book programs such as Gmail, Outlook, and Apple address book.

Note: We are not able to export data to Excel or CSV at this time.

On the data export page, you’ll also see a menu allowing you to select All Clients or a specific client’s name:


You can choose to have your file password protected by selecting Password protected file. Please note that this may not work with all browsers. If you check this box, SimplePractice will create a unique password you will use to open the file.

Generating your export will take a few minutes, and you will receive an email letting you know when this file is ready to download. After you receive this email, you should return to the Data Export page where you'll see a link to download the export file to your computer. 

Data export file ready to download in SimplePractice

If you selected to password protect the file, you will be prompted to enter the password. Once you gain access to the exported data, you'll notice that the export information is divided into the following folders:

 Folders Information included
 Billing Documents Invoices, Statements, and Superbills.
 Contacts Client contact information.
 Medical Records Progress Notes, Mental Status Exams, Diagnosis and Treatment Plans, and Chart Notes.
 Psychotherapy Notes Any Psychotherapy Notes you have created for each client.
 Stored Documents Any documents you have stored in each client's profile.


Data export folders from SimplePractice

Note: If insurance information was included in a client's demographics information, that will also be available in the data export.

Tip: Whether you're backing up your records or cancelling your account, performing a data export is the best option at this time if you need to create or print entire records for all clients or a single client.

Why is my Data Export asking for a password?

When you request a Data Export from SimplePractice, the export will be protected and encrypted with a secure password. If you do not want to password protect your data when exporting, deselect the checkbox next to Password protected file before clicking Generate Export. We do not recommend disabling this feature.


Where's the password? My account password doesn't work for the export.

This password is system-generated and is not your account password. The system-generated password will display in the Recent Exports list. You can click Copy to copy the password. Copying the password will then all you to paste it into the password field when you open your export.

If you did not record the password and your export is not displaying in the Recent Exports list, you will need to export your data again.

We can't retrieve old passwords for your export if you forgot the password. You will need to generate a new export.


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