Data export: Exporting client information


Exporting client information is simple with our data export feature. Now you can export data for a single client, or for all of your clients at once. If you're looking for your export password, click here.

Exporting Data

  1. Go to My Account > Settings. dataexport-1.png
  2. Select Data Export on the left navigation pane as shown below:


Download options

You have 3 options for what you can download:

  1. Complete - Progress Notes, Psychotherapy Notes, Mental Status Exams, Diagnosis and Treatment Plans, Chart Notes, Client Contact information, Invoices, Statements, Superbills, Intake Questionnaire, and Stored Documents.
  2. Sessions (does not include client contact information) - Progress Notes, Psychotherapy Notes, Mental Status Exams, Diagnosis and Treatment Plans, Chart Notes, and Intake Questionnaires.
  3. Contacts - just client contact information exported in vCard (.vcf) format for easy import into address book programs such as Gmail, Outlook, and Apple address book.

On the data export page, you’ll also see a menu allowing you to select All Clients or a specific client’s name:


You can choose to have your file password protected by selecting Password protect file. Please note that this may not work with all browsers. If you check this box, SimplePractice will create a unique password you will use to open the file.

Note: The password will appear below the data export in the Recent exports list. Make sure to copy this password. Can't find your password? click here.


Generating your export will take a few minutes and you will receive an email letting you know when this file is ready to download. After you receive this email, you return to the Data export page where you'll see a link to download the export file to your computer.



If you selected to password protect the file, you will be prompted to enter the password.

You'll notice that the export information is divided into the following multiple folders:

  • Billing Documents contains Invoices, Statements, and Superbills.
  • Contacts
  • Medical Records  includes Progress Notes, Mental Status Exams, Diagnosis and Treatment Plans, and Chart Notes.
  • Psychotherapy Notes contains any Psychotherapy Notes you have created for each client.
  • Stored Documents contains any documents you have stored in each client's profile.


FYI: Data export is the best option at this time if you need to create and print entire records for all clients or a single client.

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