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Using administrative notes

Using administrative notes

An administrative note functions like a sticky note that you’d put on a client’s physical chart for your staff. Administrative notes allow you to leave a note on a client's profile that you and your non-clinician team members can view.

Any team member with access to the client's profile will be able to view, edit, and/or delete an administrative note. This means that a practice manager, practice schedulers and/or practice biller will also be able to view this note, or leave their own without having access to the client's full clinical profile.

Note: Administrative notes are only available on the Essential and Plus plans. This feature is not available on the Starter plan

In this guide, we'll cover:

Adding an administrative note

To add an administrative note to a client's profile:

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page
  • Click + Administrative Note


  • Type the information in the field provided
    • While administrative notes are included in a client's complete data export, they're not part of a client's clinical record

Tip: You can save time completing your administrative notes with snippets and macros. To learn how these features work, see Using snippets.

  • Click Save


Note: In-network appointment requests submitted via a healthcare partner may generate an administrative note with the referred client’s health plan information. You can edit or delete these administrative notes at any time. If a therapy seeker includes a reason for visit or message with an appointment request via Monarch, this will be saved on their client Overview page as a prescreener.

Editing, printing, and deleting an administrative note

You can edit, print, or delete an administrative note in a client's profile. To do this:

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page
  • Click the arrow next to the administrative note


  • Click one of the following:
    • Edit to update the administrative note
    • The print icon to print
    • The trashcan icon to delete


Note: If a team member deletes an administrative note, the note will be deleted from the client’s profile entirely and will no longer appear for other team members.

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