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Changing your email for your SimplePractice account and private practice

Changing your email for your SimplePractice account and private practice

There are two different email addresses that you can have saved for your SimplePractice account. One is your Account Email, and the other is your Practice Email. 

Your Account Email is the email address that's associated with your SimplePractice account and is used to communicate with the SimplePractice team. If you have login questions, make subscription changes, or receive Client Portal notifications, this is the email address that you can check to view the emails regarding these things. All emails from the SimplePractice team will come from the email address Your Account Email will not be visible to your clients unless you choose to use it as your Practice Email as well. 

Your Practice Email is intended to be a business email that will be visible on your billing documents. If you don't want clients to have access to this email address, you can leave this section blank. 

Below you'll find the steps on updating these email addresses in your account: 

Account Email

  • Navigate to My Account > Settings > My Profile
  • Enter your new email address in the Account Email field
  • Enter your password in the Enter current password to save field
  • Click Save Personal Info 

After you save your new account email address, you'll receive a verification email from in the inbox of your updated email. Once you verify your new email address through this email, your account email will be successfully changed.  

Important: The Account Email on the Basic Info page will not change to the new email address until it is verified. 

Practice Email

  • Navigate to My Account > Settings > My Practice 
  • Enter your new business email in the Practice Email field
  • Click Save

Important: If you leave the Practice Email field blank, clients will not be able to see your email address. All billing emails will be sent from the no-reply email address If clients respond to an email from this address, they'll receive an autoresponder message asking them to reach out to their clinician via phone or email instead. 

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