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Changing your email for your SimplePractice account and private practice

Changing your email for your SimplePractice account and private practice

There are two different email addresses that you can add to your SimplePractice account: your Account Email and your Practice Email.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: As of December 13, 2022 ​​SimplePractice customers must use an email address to sign into their account. If you’re having trouble logging in, see Trouble logging in to your account

Explaining your Account and Practice Emails

Account email

Your Account Email is the email address that's associated with your SimplePractice account, and can be used to log in. It’s not visible to your clients, unless you also choose to use it as your Practice Email. 

All communication from SimplePractice will be sent to your Account Email, including: 

  • Email support responses from SimplePractice
    • All emails from the SimplePractice team will come from
  • Client Portal notifications
  • Account and subscription notifications

Note: Our Customer Success team won’t be able to communicate with you if your Account Email is a Hushmail email address. If you currently have a Hushmail email address associated with your account and would like to change it to a different email address, please see Changing your Account Email

Practice email

Your Practice Email will be visible to your clients on their billing documents including invoices and superbills. When the Practice Email field is left blank, client billing documents won't show an email address for your practice. 

Changing your Account Email 

If you need to change the email address associated with your SimplePractice account, you can:

  • Navigate to Settings > Profile & Security
  • In the SimplePractice security box, click Manage
  • Click Edit in the Contact information box


  • Enter your password 
  • Click Continue
  • Type in your new email address in the Account Email field


  • Click Save

After you save your new Account Email, you'll receive a verification email from to your updated email address. The subject will be Your name, verify your email address now. From the email, click Verify Email Now and your Account Email will be successfully changed.    

Important: The Account Email at Settings > Profile & Security  won't update to the new email address until it’s verified.

Updating your Practice Email

To update your Practice Email:

  • Navigate to Settings > My Practice
  • Enter your new email address in the Practice Email field


  • Click Save Information

Note: If you leave the Practice Email field blank, clients can’t see your email address when receiving documents from you. All billing emails will be sent from the no-reply email address If clients respond to this email address, they'll receive an automated response asking them to reach out to their clinician via phone or email.

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