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Receiving the Daily Agenda and Evening Summary emails from SimplePractice

Receiving the Daily Agenda and Evening Summary emails from SimplePractice

To help you stay on top of your business, SimplePractice gives you the option of receiving two types of daily email notifications: the Daily Agenda Email and Evening Summary Email. In this guide, we'll cover the following:

Daily Agenda Email

The Daily Agenda Email is sent each morning to help you prepare for the day ahead. It contains the following information:

Important: If no appointments are scheduled, no reminders are generated, and no billing changes occur within the last 24 hours, you won’t receive a Daily Agenda email. These emails are also disabled for the newest team members by default.


Note: The Daily Agenda Email only shows the Balance Due that accrued the day before. You can see all clients with outstanding balances in the Outstanding balances report. To learn more, see Outstanding balances snapshot.

Evening Summary Email

The Evening Summary Email is sent each evening, summarizing the events of the day. This email contains the following information:

  • A summary of the appointments held that day
  • A list of daily AutoPay amounts, if a client is enrolled


Important: If no appointments were held and no AutoPay payments were made overnight at 12 AM - 2 AM, you won’t receive an Evening Summary Email.

Opting in to receive emails

To start or stop receiving the Daily Agenda and Evening Summary Emails:

  • Navigate to Settings > Notifications
  • Check the box for Daily Agenda Email and/or Evening Summary Email to begin receiving the respective emails
    • These can be unchecked at any time if you no longer wish to receive these emails


  • Click Save Notification Settings

If you opt in to receive an email notification, you’ll begin receiving it the day after you check its box in Settings > Notifications. If you opt out by unchecking the box, the email notification will no longer be received starting from the next day.

Note: If you’re in a group practice, only the individual team member can enable or disable their own notifications at Settings > Notifications.

Receiving the Daily Agenda and Evening Summary Emails in a group practice

The information included in the Daily Agenda and Evening Summary emails varies by team member role. Here’s a breakdown of what each team member receives in their emails: 

Team member role What’s included in each email
Account Owner Account Owners receive information for the entire practice. This includes their team’s schedule and any billing information for their team. They’ll see their own reminders, along with reminders for the entire practice. 
Clinician with Administrative Access Clinicians with Administrative Access will receive the same practice-wide information as the Account Owner. However, these clinicians will only see reminders related to them and their clients. 
Clinician with Full Client List Access Clinicians with Full Client List Access will only receive their schedule and reminders. They’ll only see billing information for their clients. 
Clinician with Basic Access + Billing Clinicians with Basic Access + Billing will receive reminders and schedule information for their clients. They'll only see billing information for their clients. 
Clinician with Basic Access Clinicians with Basic Access only receive information about their schedule, and reminders related to their clients. They won’t be able to view their clients’ billing information. 
Practice Manager Practice Managers will see the team’s schedule, as well as billing information and reminders for the practice.
Scheduler Schedulers will see the team’s schedule and their reminders, as well as billing information for the practice.
Biller Billers will see the team’s schedule and reminders, along with everyone’s payments and invoice changes.
Supervisor Supervisor will see information related to their Supervisee’s schedule, and billing information for the Supervisee’s clients. 

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