Adding office locations


To Set up Additional Offices:

1. Go to My Account > Settings > Practice Settings.

2. Click on the +office symbol to add an additional location.

3. Select color that you wish to be associated with each office location.

4. Click Save.

Click the [+ Office] to add office locations.

The color coding appears like this on your calendar:

Office color is on the left border of calendar items.



To Assign a Client to a Particular Office

1. Go to your Client Page > Edit Client Info.

2. Select the office where the client is typically seen from the drop down menu.

Client location selection is made from the drop down field to the right of the Location label on the Client Page.

3. Click "SAVE" after you have chosen the location.

The office location selected will be reflected in statements, superbills, and appointment reminders!

Note: You can override the default office location selected when you create an appointment in the calendar (i.e. if your client is being seen at a different office for a specific appointment.

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