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Adding office locations

Adding office locations

You can set up your office locations so that your appointments, appointment reminders, and billing information display your correct office information.

In this guide, we'll cover:

Note: An office location is required to set up your availability blocks. For more information, see Managing your Availability.

Setting up additional offices

You can add unlimited office locations to your account. To add an office location:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Practice details
  • Under Office location, click Add a location


  • Enter the following details for the office location:
    • Name
    • Address
      • If you need to create an office location without an address, you can put dashes in the street, city, and ZIP Code boxes
    • Color
    • Insurance Place of Service code
    • Public view option
  • Click Save changes

Note: Each location can be assigned one Insurance Place of Service code. See What if I’ll be alternating between Insurance Place of Service codes 02 and 10? for information about manually adjusting Place of Service codes.

Each office location is color coded, with each color representing a different office location. The color you select for an office location appears as a thin line on the left side of the appointment block on your calendar:


Note: When using Telehealth by SimplePractice, one Video Office will appear under Telehealth on the Practice details page. While you can create another virtual office location in the Office location section, only the Telehealth: Video Office will send Telehealth links. To learn more, see Getting started with Telehealth.

To update an existing office location:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Practice details
  • Click Edit next to the office location you want to update
  • Update the office location details, as needed
  • Click Save

Adding a billing address

You can add both a Business Billing address and a Client Billing address to your account. These will appear on the corresponding billing documents.

  • Business Billing
  • Client Billing
    • This address will display on all client-facing billing documents, such as invoices, statements, and superbills
    • If you enable Use default information from practice settings in your insurance billing settings, this address will automatically populate on claims

To add a billing address:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Practice details
  • Click Add next to Business Billing or Client Billing


  • Complete the address information 
  • Click Save

Note: If you already have an office location in your account, it'll automatically default as both your Business Billing and Client Billing address.

To update an existing Business Billing or Client Billing address:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Practice details
  • Click Edit next to the address you want to change


  • Select the address from your existing locations, or add a new one by clicking Enter a different location
  • Click Save

If the billing address you've added matches an existing office address in your account, you'll see a corresponding icon next to that address to indicate whether it's a Business Billing address, Client Billing address, or both.


Hiding or displaying your address publicly

You can choose whether you'd like your office addresses visible or hidden to the general public via your Monarch profile, Professional Website, Appointment-request Widget, and the Client Portal. Your Telehealth address will always be hidden from public view unless selected as the Client Billing address.

Important: This setting will affect your Monarch profile, Professional Website, and Appointment-request widget, as well as your Client Portal for clients that aren’t logged in. This setting doesn’t change the visibility of the address anywhere else.

To change the visibility of your office addresses:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Practice details
  • Click Edit next to your office location
  • Select Hide Address or Show Address


  • Click Save

When you hide your address from the public view, new clients requesting an appointment will see a map showing your approximate location with a zoomed out view:


If you choose to publicly show your address, the map will show your exact address in a zoomed in view with directions to your office:


Tip: If you provide in-home or mobile sessions, you can enter In-home/mobile appointment in the Street field. While this field is required to save a practice location, you can choose to Hide Address.


Editing the Insurance Place of Service

If you plan to provide superbills to your clients, you'll want to make sure you’ve added the correct Insurance Place of Service for your locations.

To edit the Insurance Place of Service for an office location:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Practice details
  • Click Edit next to the office location
  • Choose the correct code from the Insurance Place of Service dropdown menu


  • Click Save

If you're unsure of which code to use for the Insurance Place of Service, we recommend contacting the payers you’ll be working with directly for clarification on which code they'd like you to include on superbills.

Note: For more information on superbills, see Creating superbills.

Assigning a client to a specific office

If a client is seen at a specific office location, you can assign the client to that location. When an appointment is created for this client, the appointment will automatically assign to the desired office location.

To assign a client to a specific office: 

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page
  • Click Edit
  • Scroll down to the Location section
  • Select the office where the client is typically seen from the dropdown menu
    • The office location selected will be reflected in appointment reminders, but billing documents will still display your primary office location or Client Billing address


  • Click Save Client

Note: If needed, you can override the default office location when you create an appointment in the calendar. For more information about scheduling appointments, see Adding and managing appointments.

Deleting an office location

Important: Once you delete an office location, this action can’t be undone.

You can delete existing offices from your account. To do so:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Practice details
  • Click the trash can icon next to the office location you want to delete


When deleting an office location, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All future appointments at that location will be automatically updated to Unassigned


  • Any availability blocks at that location will be automatically removed
  • Any existing billing documents listed with that address will remain unaffected

Note: If any billing documents (invoices, statements, or superbills) are retroactively deleted and recreated for past appointments, the new default office location will be displayed.

Moving your office location

When you move offices, you can follow the steps in this section to make your transition as seamless as possible. 

Add the new office location

You can add the new location in SimplePractice or edit the details of your existing office location. To learn more, see Setting up additional offices

For more details on updating your office address on your insurance claims, client-facing billing documents, and subscription invoices, see Adding a billing address.  

Update your Availability

When moving office locations, your existing Availability won’t automatically transfer to your new office location. To learn how to update your existing Availability blocks to the new location, see Editing Availability

Update upcoming appointments

Once a new location is added, you can update upcoming appointments that’ll be held at the new office location. For an overview of this process, see Editing an appointment

Tip: We recommend filtering your calendar to your old office location and scrolling forward through your calendar to confirm that all appointments are updated. 

Delete your old office location

If you’ll no longer be operating out of your old office location, you can delete it to prevent future confusion for clients and team members. For more information, see Deleting an office location

Important: Only delete an office location after you've finished creating insurance claims and superbills for appointments that occurred there. After an office location is deleted from your practice, any existing upcoming appointments tied to that office location will need to be assigned to a new office location.

If you want to keep your old office location, you can instead reassign your clients and update your billing addresses to the new location.

Update insurance settings and enrollments

If you bill insurance, your insurance billing details and enrollments in SimplePractice should reflect your new office location to prevent claim rejections and payment delays. 

Important: Before updating your information in SimplePractice, confirm that your address on file with insurance payers is current by contacting the payers directly. Otherwise, you may experience claim denials, rejections, and/or checks and EOBs being sent to your old address.

For more information on updating your insurance billing details and enrollments, see: 

Update Online Payments address

If you have an Online Payments account, 1099-K forms will be sent to the business address listed in your Online Payments profile. To learn how to update this address, see What information can I change after my account has been verified?

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