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SimplePractice subscription billing information

SimplePractice subscription billing information

You can manage your subscription plan, update your credit card information, add or remove Telehealth, and access your subscription receipts by navigating to Settings > Practice > Plan info.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: For more information about selecting a subscription plan, see Which subscription plan is right for me? and SimplePractice pricing and subscription FAQs.

Editing or canceling your subscription plan

To update or cancel your monthly subscription plan:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Plan info
  • Click Change


If you want to cancel your account:

  • First, export your data to keep your client data after leaving SimplePractice
    • Make sure you have your data export saved and accessible before you cancel your SimplePractice account
  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Plan info
  • Click Cancel my account


Note: For additional information, see Canceling your account.

Updating your credit card information

To update the credit card on file for your SimplePractice subscription:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Plan info
  • Click Update
  • Update your credit card information


  • Click Save

Note: SimplePractice accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club cards for subscription fees.

Enabling or disabling Telehealth for your account

Telehealth is included on the Essential and Plus plans at no additional cost. If you're on the Starter plan and would like to enable Telehealth for $15/month, you can choose it as an add-on. To do this:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Plan info
  • Click the toggle to enable Telehealth


  • Click Confirm

Note: Enabling the Telehealth add-on will charge you an additional $15/month. Your next monthly billing cycle will reflect this change.

You can return to Settings > Practice > Plan info at any time to remove Telehealth from your subscription.

Note: If you’re on the Essential or Plus plan and you’d like to turn off Telehealth for your practice, see Turning Telehealth on in your account.   

Viewing your SimplePractice receipts

To access your subscription receipts:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Plan info
  • Scroll down to view your SimplePractice receipts
  • Click View receipt


Receipts display the details and description of what you were charged for. You can print or download a receipt by clicking the printer or download icon in the upper right corner.


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