Saving a Discharge Summary in a client’s file

You can add a Discharge Summary to a client's chart at the end of treatment to detail a client's status. It may also be used for insurance reimbursement purposes.

How to add a Discharge Summary to a client's chart

  • Navigate to My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms
  • Click + Create new Template > Select from Library 
  • Locate the Discharge Summary Note template and click + Add 

Add the Discharge Summary Note from the Template Library in SimplePractice

  • In the My Notes & Forms section, click the eye icon next to the Discharge Summary Note

Click the eye icon to view the note

  • Fill out the fields in preview mode 
  • Click Print when you're done to save the document as a PDF onto your computer or device

Clicking the Print button in the top right will save the note as a PDF

  • Navigate to your client's Overview page 
  • Click Upload New in the Uploaded Files box 

Click the blue Upload New link on the Client Overview Page

Note: To learn more about uploading and storing documents on your client's chart, see Storing client documents

How to prevent text fields from cutting off your notes

If you fill out your template in preview mode and notice that that only part of your text is showing in the print view, you will need to manually adjust the field(s). 

  • Locate the fields where your responses are cut off 
  • Drag down the bottom right corner of the field to adjust the size of the text box

Extend text fields by dragging down the bottom right corner of the fields to your preferred size

  • Click Print and save the document as a PDF 

Note: The full version of the Template Library is only available with the Professional Plan. Learn more about SimplePractice's pricing and plans.

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