Saving a Discharge Summary in a client’s file

The purpose of the Discharge Summary is to summarize progress made during the treatment and detail a client’s status at the end of treatment. It also may be used for insurance reimbursement purposes.

Here is how to add a Discharge Summary to a client’s file at the end of treatment:

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms
  2. Select the Template Library tab and locate the Discharge Summary template.
  3. Click the ​+ icon to add it to your My Notes and Forms section.
  4. Now click the eye icon to open a preview of the Discharge Summary, as shown below.

  5. Fill out the form in preview mode. When you're done, click Print to save the document as a PDF to your computer.print-preview-discharge-summary-SimplePractice.png
  6. Next, navigate to the client's Overview page and click Store New Document to upload the PDF through the Stored documents section.Screen_Shot_2018-07-27_at_1.59.31_PM.png

How to prevent text fields from cutting off your notes

If you notice that that only part of your text is showing in the print view, you will need to manually adjust the field(s). Here's how:

  1. Located the fields where you cannot see all the text you entered.
  2. Drag down the bottom left corner of the field  (see below where the arrow is pointing below) to make the field large enough to fit the text. 
  3. Once you manually adjust the fields, you will see all the content you entered when you print to pdf.

Note: The full version of the Template Library feature that includes all existing global templates is only available with the Professional Plan. Learn more about SimplePractice's pricing and plans.

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