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Saving a Discharge Summary in a client's file

Saving a Discharge Summary in a client's file

When you discharge a client from your practice, you can note their status in their profile by adding a Discharge Summary. A Discharge Summary template is accessible in your account, which you can customize and add for your client. 

In this guide, we'll cover:

Adding a Discharge Summary to your Notes and Forms

By default, the Discharge Summary Note is available as a template when you create an other document for a client. To check whether this template is available for your practice, navigate to Settings > Documentation > Template library and view the Other documents section.


Note: To preview this template, select the eye symbol next to Discharge Summary Note.

If you don’t see the template in this section, you can add it from our pre-built templates. To do this: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Documentation > Template library
  • Click View pre-built templates
  • Scroll down to Other documents
  • Select + Add next to Discharge Summary Note


Note: If you’d like to preview the Discharge Summary Note before adding it to your Notes and Forms, click the eye symbol next to + Add.

You can customize the template based on your practice’s needs and state requirements. For more information, see Creating customized templates.

Creating a Discharge Summary in a client's profile

To create a Discharge Summary for your client:

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page
  • Click New > Other document


  • Click the drop-down menu under Assessment
  • Select Discharge Summary Note


  • Enter the necessary information
  • Click Save

After the Discharge Summary Note is completed, click Sign in the top right corner. Review your signature and click Sign and lock.


Note: For additional details, see Signing and locking an other document.​

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