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Adding modifiers to claims and superbills

Adding modifiers to claims and superbills

Some insurance payers require that you add modifiers to your claims or superbills. You can set modifiers to automatically populate and can also manually edit a claim to include a modifier. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: Modifier requirements vary by insurance payer. We recommend reaching out to your insurance payer(s) to check their requirements before submitting claims.

Enabling modifiers in your account

To enable modifiers in your account:

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing and Services > Insurance
  • Check the box next to Enable Modifiers for your practice


  • Click Save

Adding modifiers to individual appointments

You can add modifiers to specific appointments from your calendar or from a client’s Billing page. This is recommended if you don’t typically add a modifier for a client’s appointments, but have a one-off need. 

Note: Adding a modifier to an appointment before creating a claim or superbill will add the modifier to the document when it’s created. If you need to update a modifier on a document after it’s created, see Updating a claim or superbill to include a modifier

To add a modifier to an appointment from your calendar:

  • Click the appointment
  • Enter the modifier in the field below the service


  • Click Done 

Note: You can add up to 4 modifiers per service code.

Modifiers you add from the calendar will only apply to the appointment(s) you’ve edited. If the appointment is part of a recurring series, you’ll have the option to add the modifier to all future appointments in the series. 

To add a modifier from a client’s Billing page:

  • Navigate to the client’s Billing page
  • Click Manage > Edit details next to the appointment


  • Add the modifier in the field under the appointment details


  • Click Save

Important: Adding a modifier to an appointment won’t apply it to an existing claim or superbill. If you need to add a modifier to a claim or superbill you’ve already created, see Updating a claim or superbill to include a modifier.

Setting a default modifier for a client

You can set a default service code and modifier for a client so that all of their future appointments include the modifier. If you choose this option, you can still make edits to individual appointments if needed. 

To add a modifier to a default service code:

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page
  • Click Edit > Billing and Insurance
  • Scroll down to Client Default Services and select a default Service Code from the dropdown
  • Enter the modifier(s) in the Modifiers field


  • Click Save Client

Using modifiers in the SimplePractice mobile app

You can add modifiers to appointments from the calendar through the iOS and Android mobile apps, as long as this feature has been enabled for your practice through the web app. To do this: 


  • Navigate to the Calendar and select an appointment
  • Tap the pencil icon > Billing > Modifiers
  • Enter your modifier(s) 


  • Tap the back arrow 
  • Tap Save
  • Tap Save once more to save all changes


  • Navigate to the Calendar and select an appointment
  • Tap Edit > Billing > Modifiers 
  • Enter your modifier(s) 
  • Tap the checkmark at the upper right 
  • Tap the back arrow 
  • Tap the checkmark at the upper right to save all changes

Note: For more information on how to use the mobile app, see Getting started with the SimplePractice mobile app.

Updating a claim or superbill to include a modifier

If a modifier is added to an appointment after a claim is created, it won’t be automatically added to the claim. To update the claim to include the modifier:

  • Click Edit at the top of the claim
  • Enter the modifier in box 24d


  • Click Save

Important: If a claim was denied due to an incorrect or missing modifier, see What to do when a claim is denied

Superbills can’t be edited, and a modifier can’t be added to an appointment if a superbill is already created. To update a superbill to include a modifier: 

  • Delete the existing superbill
    • If you’d like to keep a record of the superbill, you can download it as a PDF 
  • Add a modifier to the individual appointment(s)
  • Create a new superbill

The modifier will appear in the Service column:


Using modifiers for Telehealth appointments

The following modifiers are generally used to bill Telehealth appointments:

  • If you're billing a commercial insurance payer: 95
  • If you're billing Medicare: GT

Requirements vary by individual insurance payer. Reach out to the payer directly if a claim is denied for not having a correct modifier, or if you’re unsure which modifier to use.

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