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Adding and managing team members

Adding and managing team members

As your practice evolves, your SimplePractice account can, too. With the Plus plan, you can add new team members to your account at any time. We offer specialized team member roles with carefully tailored access levels for various clinician roles, Billers, Schedulers, Supervisors, and a new Practice Manager role.

You can add as many additional team members as you need. Billers, Schedulers, and Supervisors can be added for free, while the Practice Manager role is available for $39/month per person on the Plus plan. Additional clinicians can be added at a discounted rate of $59/month per clinician. 

Tip: Group practice accounts in SimplePractice are designed for individual clinicians that have additional administrative staff, and for practices consisting of multiple clinicians that all bill under a single NPI, tax ID, and Online Payments account. See Is a group practice right for me? before expanding your account. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Adding a new team member

Important: Team members can only be added on the Plus plan. To manage or update your subscription, go to Settings > Subscription Information and click Change Plan.

To add a team member, the Account Owner or a Practice Manager can:

  • Navigate to Settings > Team Members and click Add Team Member.
  • Enter the new team member's name and email address.
  • Select a role with the appropriate access level.
    • You'll have the option to add Clinician Information for clinicians and Supervisors, and manage this for your team members from the Team Members page.


    • The team member can also update their Clinical Information from their own account.
    • Note: The license detail fields under Clinician Information aren’t required when adding a team member. If the new team member is pre-licensed, you can click the trash can icon to remove this section.
  • Click Add Team Member to send the invitation email.

Note: If Secure Messaging is enabled for the practice, it'll automatically be enabled for each clinician you add.

The team members will be able to create a password for their personal login after clicking the link in the invitation email.

Using a unique email address for each SimplePractice login

If the prospective team member’s email address is already in our system for an existing paid or trial SimplePractice account, you’ll see an error message that says: Could not add Team Member. If you see this message, you'll need to use a different, unique email address for this team member.

If a team member’s email address was used for an expired or recently deleted trial account, the email address associated with the trial account will be available 30 days after the account cancelation.

Note: A team member’s email address can be changed after they’re added to your practice, but the same email cannot be used for multiple accounts.

Some Billers or Schedulers work for multiple practices that use SimplePractice as their EHR. To learn more about streamlining this process for team members in this situation, see Adding team members or clients using the same email address.

Note: Both Account Owners and Practice Managers have access to add or manage team members. If you need to make updates to team members, contact your Account Owner or a Practice Manager.

Updating a team member’s role

If a team member needs greater access within the account or there’s a role that better suits their workflow, you can update their team member role. 

  • Go to Settings > Team Members and click the team member's name 
  • Select the desired role(s) and click Update Team Member to save the changes

Once a team member has been added to your account as a clinician, you can't remove the clinician role to give them non-clinician access only. If a non-clinician team member was previously granted clinician access, you'll need to delete this team member and re-invite them as the desired non-clinician role(s). To do this:

  • Go to Settings > Team Members
  • Click the name of the clinician you'd like to change to a non-clinician
  • Click Delete and follow the prompts to confirm the team member’s removal
  • Click Add Team Member and enter the team member’s information
  • Select the desired non-clinician role(s)
    • If you're adding the Practice Manager role, you'll be able to select additional permissions
      • Note: This role is only available on the Plus plan
  •  Click Add Team Member

Note: You can learn more about each role here: Team member roles and access levels.

Removing a team member

Important: When you remove a clinician from your practice, your account will retain all data tied to the clinician, but they'll no longer be able to log in or access any files. If you add the clinician back to the account later, they won’t be automatically linked to their former client files, and you’ll need to manually reassign them as the clients’ primary clinician. To learn more, see Client access and changing access levels. We recommend performing a data export before deleting a clinician.

To remove team members from your account:

  • Navigate to Settings > Team Members
  • Select the team member
  • Scroll down to click Delete
  • Use the dropdown menu to Re-assign clients to a new primary clinician 


  • Click Start export to open a new window and begin exporting client data for the departing clinician
  • Enter the team member's name exactly as it’s entered


  • Click Delete account

Important: Deleting a team member is a permanent action. The first and last name fields are case and space sensitive. The Delete account button will become clickable after you’ve typed the team member’s name exactly as it‘s listed.

If the team member is a clinician or Practice Manager, you'll receive a prorated credit back to your account for the remaining time that was paid for. This credit will apply toward your next billing cycle.

Organizing your team member list

You can organize the order in which team members are displayed in your SimplePractice account and the Client Portal. To do so, navigate to Settings > Team Members and select whether you’d like them to appear in alphabetical order or by date added:


Data from a deleted Clinician team member

Although deleting a team member is a permanent action, a deleted clinician's history will still be tracked in all reports for your practice. Deleted clinicians will remain in the Income allocation report and the Appointment status report. However, they'll be indicated as a deleted clinician by a strikethrough and the word “deleted” next to their name. 

Even if the clinician is again added to the account at a later date with identical credentials and personal information, our platform will treat them as a brand new clinician. Any Secure Messages between the deleted team member and existing team members will also be deleted. 

Deleting a clinician will not remove or negatively impact any existing client data. Notes, reports, billing documents, claims, and payroll will not be affected when a team member is removed. If you need to access the Secure Messages between a team member and their clients, make sure to do a complete data export before removing them.

The deleted clinician’s appointments will remain on the calendar, but they’ll be unassigned. This means that another clinician will need to be reassigned to the appointment. If no one will be seeing these clients moving forward, these upcoming appointments can be deleted.

If the clinician returns to the practice, they can have their former clients reassigned to them at any time by another team member with access. You can learn more here: Client access and changing access levels.


I’m going on maternity or paternity leave, sabbatical, or taking a break from the practice. Can I freeze my subscription?

There isn’t a way to pause a subscription. If a clinician is going on leave, the Account Owner can decide to keep or remove the team member from the account. If a team member is deleted, they'll need to be re-added to the account when they return from their leave, and their clients will need to be reassigned to them. To learn more, see Client access and changing access level

If I enable Telehealth for my practice, is it applied to all team members?

Telehealth is only available for clinicians and is included at no additional cost on the Plus plan. There’s no way to enable or disable this feature on per-clinician basis.

How do I calculate payroll for my group practice?

Payroll is calculated for you and your team members through our Income allocation report. This report tracks all funds earned by each team member within a given time period. For more information on best practices and how to use this report for payroll, see Calculating payroll for group practices.

Is there a discounted rate if my group practice has a lot of clinicians?

We don't offer discounts based on the number of clinicians on an account. The rate for each additional clinician is $59/month. Practice Managers can be added for $39/mo., while Billers, Schedulers, and Supervisors are free. We do offer referral credit when colleagues sign up for a paid account using your referral link. You can learn more about our referral program here: Refer-a-Colleague: SimplePractice referral program.

I’m trying to add a new team member, but it says the email address is already in use. How do I resolve this?

Each team member must have a unique email address. If they already have their own SimplePractice account or are already a part of a group practice that uses SimplePractice, their email address will show as already in-use. If you do need to use the same email address for multiple SimplePractice users or multiple client files, we have optional workflows you can try. Please see our guide: Adding team members or clients using the same email address.

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