Setting up the Client Portal

This walkthrough will guide you through how to set up your Client Portal and start utilizing all its features like sharing intake forms, delivering billing documents, collecting client payments and offering Online Booking (Professional Plan only).

How to enter your practice information

If you haven't done so already, be sure to fill out your Practice Details. Make sure the following information is how you want it to appear when clients see your portal:

  • Your practice name (displayed at the top of the Client Portal)
  • Time zone
  • Your phone number
  • Your practice address
  • Cancellation policy

The Practice Details page in SimplePractice

How to turn on the Client Portal

Once you’ve made sure your practice information is correct, you can turn on the portal by following these steps:

  1. Go to Account > Settings > Client Portal
  2. Click the Client Portal toggle to set it to On. It will now show you the Settings, Emails, and Shared Documents and Files tabs. 

Turning on the Client Portal in SimplePractice

How to edit the intake Welcome email

The Welcome email is the email clients receive with the invitation to your Client Portal. Here's how to customize it:

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Client Portal > Emails tab.
  2. Find the Welcome email section and click Edit. (Additional emails will be available depending on your SimplePractice plan.)
    Emails tab in the Client Portal in SimplePractice
  3. You can change the text of the Welcome email subject line and the body of the email. You can also use Template macros (these are found in the drop-downs above the email text) that you can insert in different places so the software will know where in the text to insert things like the client's first and/or last name, etc.Using email macros in SimplePractice

Note: Do not delete the {practice_client_portal_login_link} macro because this includes the client's unique PIN needed to log in to the portal.

This is an example of what the client email will look like when clients receive it:

Example of an email in SimplePractice

How to customize your practice documents

Now that your Welcome email is ready to go, the next step is to include your consent documents for client signature.

Note: A Consent Document is any text document that you wish your client to sign and agree to. Practice documents are not currently fillable forms, but clients are able to electronically sign these documents.

  • Access the consent documents section by clicking the Shared Documents and Files tab.
  • We offer these standard practice document templates preloaded with your SimplePractice account:
    • Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Informed Consent
    • Practice Policies

The Shared Documents and Files tab in SimplePractice

To modify and add your practice information into one of our document templates, select the Edit link. This will display a text field so that you can edit the text and when you are done, click Save to finalize updating your information.

This is also where you can choose to default the forms that will be included in your intake packet sent to clients by clicking the checkbox labeled Yes under Included.

Additionally, if you have PDFs or Word documents for your clients (homework/articles/documents) to download, you can add them by clicking +Downloadable File in the Files (Read-only) section.

Adding downloadable PDFs or Word documents for your clients in SimplePractice

How to add a new document for signature

You can create any document you wish your clients to read and sign in by your clients in the Client Portal by following the steps below to create a new Consent Document. Please remember that your client will only be able to acknowledge/sign the document, and cannot add or fill out information within that document. You can enter as many documents as you like.

Here's how to add a new document:

  1. Click + Consent Document.
  2. Give your new document a title, then add text to the document. You can easily type or paste into the document.
  3. Click Save when finished.

Note: These documents are read-only, so things like form fields and checkboxes will not be interactive. We plan to add more customization features in the future.

How to adjust the intake or other questionnaires

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms
  2. Select the name of any Progress Note or Intake Form to edit

Tip: For more information about customizing notes and forms, check out this walkthrough: My Notes and Forms.

Editing Progress Notes and Intake Forms in SimplePractice

Choosing to send the Demographics Form and the Credit Card Form

You can select which items you’d like to include on your Demographic Form, and if you want to include a Credit Card Form by going to the Demographics & Credit Card Forms section once you navigate to My Account > Settings > Client Portal > Shared Documents and Files.

For the Demographics Form, you can choose to ask your client for their Nickname, their Insurance information, and their Gender Identity by checking the checkboxes next to the items you wish to include.


In addition to those optional items, the Demographics Form asks for the client's name, email and phone information, communication and appointment reminder preferences, address, demographics, and emergency contact information. 

You can see a full preview of the Demographics Form in the video below:

Please note that the Sex field is a dropdown used to populate Box 3 of the CMS-1500 claim form. This is because insurance payers only accept Male or Female values in that box.

If you choose to use the Gender Identity field, it is a free text entry field where clients can input their gender identity, pronouns, and other information important to making them feel welcome in your practice.

Your client’s Gender information (ex. Female, Trans M-to-F, Other) will populate to the Gender Identity field on their Client Info tab. You can find and update this information if needed by going to the client's Overview page > Edit details > Client Info tab and scrolling down to the About Client section.

Note: The Sex and Gender Identity fields will update for clients who already had information recorded in the system. For example, if a client was previously designated as Trans MtF, their Sex field will now default to M (due to insurance requirements), and their Gender Identity field will be Trans MtF. 

Note: If you choose not to offer the Gender Identity field, the client will only see the Sex dropdown field.

Editing the Client Portal Greeting message

When clients enter the portal to complete intake forms for the first time, they will see a welcome screen that alerts them to the series of forms they will be filling out. We refer to this welcome page as the Client Portal Greeting message.

Below you will see the default look:

The default Client Portal Greeting Message in SimplePractice

Here's how to edit the welcome screen:

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Client Portal > Shared Documents and Files.
  2. The section titled Client Portal Greeting will have a link to Edit the message. Clicking this option will allow you to make changes to the Client Portal Greeting message.Editing the Client Portal Greeting Message via Shared Documents and Files section in SimplePractice

Additional Client Portal resources:

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