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Using Link as a payment method

Using Link as a payment method

Link by Stripe is a digital wallet that clients can use to make payments in the Client Portal. To accept Link as a payment method, you must have an Online Payments account already set up. For more information, see Getting started with Online Payments.  

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: You can provide clients with our guide on Billing in the Client Portal for a walkthrough on how to use Link as a payment method.

Link is a digital wallet that can be used as a one-click payment solution. Clients can sign up for Link on any Link-supported website, from the Client Portal, or at

When using Link on a new website, clients will enter their email to receive a one-time code via text. They can use this to verify their identity and keep their payment information secure.

Who is Link available for?

Link is available for any clients who have signed up to use Link. They can sign up either at or when using a Link-supported website.

Can I add Link payments?

Link payments can only be added on the client’s end. If a client has used Link as a payment method, this won’t be visible in their profile as a saved payment method. 

Link payments will be noted as Link by Stripe in your account.


How do I allow clients to make payments in the Client Portal?

To allow clients to use Link as a payment method, you’ll need an Online Payments account and your Client Portal enabled. 

Once a client has been granted Client Portal access, you can allow them access to billing features. To do this:

  • Navigate to their profile
  • Click Edit > Client Portal
  • Check the Access billing documents and Pay outstanding balance options


  • Click Save permissions

For more information, see Enabling Client Portal features for individual clients.

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