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How do I find the correct payer ID?

When selecting an insurance provider for your client, the most important piece of information is the Payer ID. 

What is a payer ID?

A payer ID is a unique ID that is assigned to each insurance company. This ID is used for submitting claims electronically through our system. The payer ID is typically a 5 character code, but it could be longer.

Note: Payers can sometimes use different payer IDs depending on the clearinghouse they're working with. It is possible that the payer ID you see in our system is different from the payer ID you were using for the same payer through another system. 

How do I find the correct insurance company for my client?

  1. The first thing you want to do is look at your client's insurance member ID card and see if there is a payer ID on it. You can search the payer using that ID. In the example below, the back of the member ID card includes the Electronic Payer ID #74227, that's the first thing to search for.
    The front and back of an insurance member ID card
  2. You can search by typing that payer ID into the Insurance Company field in the client's Billing and Insurance settings page as well as by searching in the Insurance Payers list.You can search for a payer ID in SimplePractice
  3. You could also try searching the entire name of the payer. In this example, you would search for "UnitedHealthCare Student Resources". If that doesn't give you the results you're looking for, you can try "Student Resources".

Tip: It's very important that you keep a copy of the front and back of the client's member ID card in their profile. That way you can double-check the information if you ever have any issues submitting claims for the client. Here's how you can upload the card to your client's profile.

Why are there multiple listings with the same payer ID? Which one is the correct one?

The reason there are multiple listings of names with the same payer ID is because clients' member ID cards could have any of those different names on them, but they're all associated with the same payer.

For instance, if you're looking for UnitedHealthCare with payer ID 87726, you will see that there are quite a few names associated with that payer ID. Select the one that better matches the client's member ID card and it should be correct. All of those names link to the same payer.

Choose the listing that is closest to what is on your client's member ID 


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