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Canceling your account

Canceling your account

We’re sorry to see you leave SimplePractice. If you’re having trouble with something, you can submit a help request or visit our Ideas and Suggestions board to add your suggestions about ways to improve the platform. 

Note: We don’t offer a way to put your SimplePractice account on hold. If you’re currently on the Essential or the Plus plan and would like to keep storing client records in your account, you have the option to reduce your monthly subscription to our Starter plan starting at $29/month. For additional details on how to prepare your account if you’ll be taking a leave of absence, see Preparing your SimplePractice account for a leave of absence.

If you're set on canceling, you'll need to cancel your own account. We can't cancel your account for you because of the security policies outlined in our Terms of Service. To cancel your account:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Plan info
  • Click Cancel my account


  • Check the box next to your cancellation reason(s) and add any additional comments
  • Click Next

Important: We strongly recommend that you export your data before you delete your account. When exporting, make sure you open and save the file somewhere secure so that it's accessible to you later on. Once your account is deleted, you will not be able to retrieve your data from SimplePractice.

To export your data:

  • Click Export Your Data


  • The status will be set to Processing while the export is being generated


  • Choose Click here to download when the export is generated
    • This file will also be emailed to you


  • Locate the file on your computer and enter the password to open it
  • Check that the data has been exported correctly
  • Click Next

Note: This data export contains only client information, and doesn’t include any Reports, Subscription invoices, or payment information from clients or insurance. These can be exported on an individual basis prior to canceling your account. For more information, see Viewing your SimplePractice invoices and Billing documents.

To continue the cancellation process:

  • On the next page, read and acknowledge all of the statements to continue
  • Type Delete My Account and Data exactly as you see it in the field to proceed
  • Click Delete My Account to permanently delete your SimplePractice account and all associated data


Note: You can click Please do not delete my account during any step to go back to your SimplePractice account and stop the cancellation process.

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