Getting started with Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging brings safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant communication to SimplePractice. We’re especially excited to release this feature, which makes it easy to communicate with your clients and team members, all in one place!

Note: Secure Messaging is a premium feature available on the Professional Plan. To learn more about our plans and pricing, click here

How to enable Secure Messaging

To message your clients, you must first enable Secure Messaging on both the Practice Level and the individual Client Level.

To enable Secure Messaging at the Practice Level:

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Secure Messaging.

  1. Switch the button to On to activate Secure Messaging between you and your Clients.

Note: If you’ve added Team Members to your account, you must first switch Secure Messaging On for your Team before you can do so for your clients.  

  1. You can now activate Secure Messaging between yourself and individual clients on this screen (above) or from the client’s Client Page > Edit Client Info > Communication tab (below).

Note: Clients, clinicians, and contacts can now get notifications sooner so that they can respond faster and hopefully chat in real-time. When any user sends a Secure Message and the recipient does not read the message after 2 minutes, a notification email will be sent.

You’re now ready to start sending messages!

Send messages to your clients.

Send messages to your team. 

Send messages from your mobile device.

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  • Avatar
    Dorothea J. Van Leeuwen

    A MILLION THANKS! Your timing couldn't be better. Of course, it's because you are the best practice management product on the planet. OK, maybe I am biased, but I am so happy with your system, and it just keeps improving. I am so appreciative for all your hard work to make such an incredible product. Now, I need to advertise you, so I can get those rewards, right???

  • Avatar

    Hi Doreen,

    Thanks for the kind words. This has been our top-requested feature for quite some time and we're glad it's finally here!

  • Avatar
    Kiersten Adkins

    I'm so grateful for this service and I think it will be beneficial to myself and my clients. 99% of the work I do with Simple Practice is done via the app on my smart phone. Is there a time that you foresee this being incorporated into the app?

  • Avatar

    Hi Kiersten!

    It's great to hear that you'll find Secure Messaging useful for you and your clients. Yes, we do plan on adding Secure Messaging to the mobile app. I don't have a specific time for you, but it's definitely on our road map!