SimplePractice pricing

We've priced SimplePractice so that we can offer the best prices for all of our customers. We currently offer two plans and you can choose monthly or annual billing:

Individual plans

  • Essential plan: $39/mo or $419/yr
  • Professional plan: $49/mo or $529/yr

Tip: For details on the differences between the Essential and Professional plans, visit our Pricing Page.

  • Monthly billing plan means you'll be billed month-to-month at the monthly rate for your plan. 
  • Annual billing plan means you'll be billed for one year of service in advance. Annual plans receive a 10% discount on the overall annual cost of paying month-to-month.

Since we've priced SimplePractice at the best price for all of our customers, we don't offer promotional pricing or additional discounts at this time.

Group plans

To start a SimplePractice for Groups plan, select the Monthly Professional Plan. Currently, we do not offer groups on the Annual Professional Plan. Once you've selected the Monthly Professional Plan, you can add team members.

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