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Should I subscribe to the Essential Plan or the Professional Plan?

Should I subscribe to the Essential Plan or the Professional Plan?

If you're new to SimplePractice and trying to decide which of our two subscription plans is best for your practice, the Essential or Professional, this guide can help you make a decision.

Keep in mind that you're welcome to update your plan at any time by navigating to My Account > Settings > Subscription Information

Note: To quickly view which features are offered in each subscription plan, see our pricing page.  

Below you'll find a breakdown of the features that are available only on our Professional Plan and not our Essential Plan, as well as more information about switching plans:

Note: All features available on the Professional Plan are also available on the Professional Plan for Groups


Telehealth is a feature you can add on to the Professional Plan for an extra $10/month. If you're in a group practice with multiple clinician team members, the cost is $10/month per clinician. This is not available as an add-on feature on the Essential Plan. 

See Telehealth FAQs to learn more. 


Assessments is a feature only that's only available on the Professional Plan. 

See Adding assessments, diagnoses, and treatment plans to learn more. 

Online appointment requests

Online appointment requests can only be enabled on the Professional Plan. The Client Portal can be set up and used on an Essential Plan account, but it can only be used for intake and billing purposes. 

See Enabling online appointment requests to learn more. 

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging can only be enabled on the Professional Plan. 

See Getting started with Secure Messaging to learn more. 

Customizable note templates

Progress note templates can only be customized on the Professional Plan. Intake form templates can be customized on both the Essential and the Professional Plans. 

On the Professional Plan, you'll have full access to our entire Template Library. You'll also have the ability to edit any progress note template or create a new one from scratch.  

On the Essential Plan, you'll have access to our Simple Progress Note, which is a blank text field. You'll also have access to a basic DAP and SOAP note template. 

See My Notes and Forms: Creating customized client intake and progress note templates to learn more. 

Administrative notes

Administrative notes is a feature that's only available on the Professional Plan. 

See Using administrative notes in SimplePractice to learn more. 

Booking Widget

The Booking Widget for your practice website is only available on the Professional Plan. 

See Adding the Booking Widget to your website to learn more. 

Adding a logo

Adding your practice logo to your billing and intake documents is a feature only available on the Professional Plan.

See Adding private practice logos to documents to learn more. 

Insurance billing

Electronic claim filing, claim status updates and tracking, integrated ERAs/EOBs (payment reports), automated ERA recording, and coverage reports are all features that are only available on the Professional Plan. 

You can create and print or download auto-populated claim forms (CMS 1500) on the Essential Plan, but you'll have to submit these outside of SimplePractice. 

See Getting Started Guide: Insurance to learn more. 

Adding team members

You can add an unlimited number of non-clinical team members, like Schedulers, Billers, and Supervisors, for free on the Professional Plan only. 

You can also add multiple clinician team members to your account for an extra $39/month per clinician, on the Professional Plan only. When you add a clinician to your account, your solo Professional Plan will automatically become a Professional Plan for Groups.

See Adding and managing team members to learn more. 

What happens if I switch from the Professional Plan to the Essential Plan?

If you're on the Professional Plan and switch to the Essential, your custom progress note templates and templates from the Template Library will no longer be available for you to use. Any progress notes previously saved for clients using these templates are not affected by switching to the Essential Plan.

If you decide to switch from the Essential Plan back to the Professional Plan, the progress note templates you had previously saved will be accessible to you again.  

Keep in mind that the 30-day trial is set to the Professional Plan by default. 

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