Customizing the calendar view and printing your schedule

It's easy to customize the hours displayed on your calendar and to print your schedule in SimplePractice. You can find out how to accomplish both below:

Customizing your calendar view

Just go to My Account > Settings > Calendar. From Calendar Display, choose the hours and days you want displayed.

You can choose to have the entire week, Monday - Saturday, or only weekdays display.


Note: The calendar hours you set are fixed, meaning you won't be able to scroll earlier or later than the times you have set. If you'd like to have more calendar access, just expand your calendar hours.

Printing your schedule

To print your schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Calendar homepage
  2. Adjust the to either the Month, Week, or Day view depending on your needs:
  3. Ctrl+P to open the print window on a PC or Command + P to open the print window on an Apple computer. Once the Print window opens, adjust the settings if needed, and press Print.



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