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Navigating your calendar

When you log in to your SimplePractice account, the calendar page is what you'll see first. You can customize your calendar view to quickly see your schedule. Here are some tips on how to navigate your SimplePractice calendar:

Note: You can learn how to schedule appointments on your calendar here: Scheduling, editing, and deleting appointments.

Customizing the calendar view

To customize your Calendar view, go to My Account > Settings > Calendar. Next to Calendar Display, choose the hours and days you want displayed on your Calendar. You can choose to display the entire week, weekdays only, or Monday through Saturday.


Note: The calendar hours you set are fixed. This means you won't be able to scroll earlier or later than the times you have set. If you'd like to have more calendar access, expand your calendar hours.

Calendar privacy display

You can enable privacy settings on your Calendar to add another layer of security while working outside of your office or viewing your calendar in a public place. 

Privacy On

When your privacy settings are on, you will not see the names of your 5 most recently viewed clients in the Recently Viewed section of your calendar homepage. The appointments on your calendar will display the clients' first and last initials only. 

To enable this setting, click Privacy On to the left of your Calendar homepage.


Privacy Off

When your privacy settings are off, you can see the full names of your five most recently viewed clients in the Recently Viewed section of your Calendar homepage. The appointments on your calendar will also display your clients' full names.

To disable this privacy setting, click Privacy Off to the left of your Calendar homepage.


Color coding options

Your Calendar homepage uses different colors to show each appointment's status. These colors indicate whether an appointment is in the future, the past, cancelled, a no-show, late-cancelled, or an Other appointment.

Here is a breakdown of what each color means:

  • Green means the appointment is in the past
  • Blue means the appointment is in the future
  • Yellow means the appointment is cancelled
  • Pink means the appointment is a no show
  • Orange means the appointment is late cancelled
  • Gray means the appointment is an Other appointment


Note: You can learn how to change an appointment's status here: How to change an appointment's status.

Printing your schedule

To print your schedule, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Calendar homepage
  • Adjust the Month, Week, or Day view depending on your needsweekview.simplepractice.calendarhomepage.png
  • If you're using a PC, hold down the Control + P keys to open the print window
  • If you're using a Mac, hold down the Command + P keys to open the print window
    • From the new window, adjust the settings as needed and click Print

Troubleshooting missing appointments

If you're no longer able to find your appointments on your calendar, you can try these steps to troubleshoot:

Filtering your calendar by clinician

To filter your calendar by clinician, navigate to your Calendar homepage and click All CliniciansThis allows you to see all appointments on the calendar, regardless of the clinician who is seeing the client if you have multiple clinicians in your account.


Changing your calendar filter to show all offices

To filter your calendar by office location, navigate to your Calendar homepage and click All Offices. This allows you to see all appointments on your calendar if you have multiple office locations.


Checking the Account Activity

The Account Activity log allows you to see any changes made in your account. You can access the Account Activity log by clicking Account Activity on the left navigation panel on your Calendar homepage.


Note: Only the Account Owner has access to view all Account Activity, while other team members can only view their own activity. You can learn more about the Account Activity log here: Account Activity: Tracking changes and information access in your account.

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