Scheduling, editing, and deleting appointments

Here's how to add a new appointment:

  1. Click +Create at the top of the page, then select Create Appointment. (You can also just click directly on the calendar.)
  2. From the New Appointment flyout window, select an existing client or click + New Client.
  3. Set the datetime, duration for the appointment.
  4. Setting the clinician. If you have multiple clinicians, your appointment will default to the primary clinician assigned to this client. To switch the appointment to a different clinician: click Change, then select the clinician from the dropdown list. 
  5. Service code. Confirm that the service code and rate are correct. To make change. click Edit next to the appointment fee. 
  6. Set the appointment type (individual or couple).
  7. Click Done.  

Note: The clinician assigned to this appointment will also receive payment for this appointment. 



How to edit or delete an existing appointment

To edit existing appointments, follow these steps:
  1. From the Calendar page, click on the appointment to view the details.
  2. Edit any of the appointment information and click Done.

If the appointment is part of a recurring series, you will be asked if your changes should be applied to just the one appointment you are editing or to all appointments in the series.

Tip: If you are part of a group practice and need to change the clinician associated with a client's appointment, you will need to delete the appointment and recreate it with the correct details and assigned clinician.

To delete an appointment, select the appointment and click the trash icon:


 Note: For more information about adjusting or printing your calendar, see this guide: Customizing the calendar view and printing your schedule.

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