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Adding team members or clients using the same email address

Adding team members or clients using the same email address

SimplePractice requires that each user has a unique email address for their account. This means that if a new team member of yours is already using SimplePractice through another group practice, they will need a unique email address to be added to your team

Similarly, each client requires a unique email address as well. In the case for minors or families where a parent or contact needs access to multiple clients' Client Portal accounts, you can set them up as a Contact. This will allow the same email address to be associated with multiple client files.

However, if you do need to use the same email address for multiple SimplePractice user accounts or multiple client files, we have an optional workflow that you can try. This alternative method works specifically with Gmail email addresses. 

Note: For families, we recommend that you create a Contact that can be assigned to multiple client profiles instead of using this optional email workflow, to minimize unnecessary confusion. See Enhanced Client Management for Minors to learn more. 

Optional email workflow

To set up team members or clients with a Gmail email address that has been used before, you will need to enter a plus symbol (+) and then any string of character(s) right before the at sign (@). 

Here are a couple of examples:

  • You're adding a new biller to your practice and their email address is
    • They've already used for another group SimplePractice account. For your practice, you can enter their email address as Make sure that everything before the @ symbol remains the same, then insert: +text between the beginning of the email and the @ symbol (text can be any letters and/or numbers).
    • For their next SimplePractice account, they can use, then, and so on. 
  • Jamie Appleseed is the mother of Johnny Appleseed and Judy Appleseed. Jamie's email address is
    • When you enter the email address for the first child in the system, in this case it's Johnny, you can enter the email address as it reads: 
    • When you enter the email for the second child, you can enter the email as 

You don't need to set up anything special to do this. You'll simply enter the alternative email address as illustrated above in the client or team member account and the emails will be sent to the original email address' inbox.

Note: If you choose to use this workflow, make sure that you let the client or team member know what modifier you added so that they can sign in to Client Portal or SimplePractice with that email.


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