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Setting default rates for clinicians

Setting default rates for clinicians

In a group practice, you can set default service rates for each clinician under the same CPT code. This allows you to customize how clients are billed based on level of services and experience without having to manually edit clients’ files or appointments.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: Default clinician rates are only available on the Plus subscription. For more information on group practices and adding team members, see Getting started as a group practice

Adding a new service

Every appointment requires a service (CPT) code, whether you bill insurance or not. While you can only list a CPT code once on your Services page, you can set default rates that are unique to each clinician that offers the service.  

To add a new service code: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing & Services > Services
  • Click + Add service

When adding the service, enter the following information:

  • Service code
    • If you select a pre-populated service code, the description will auto-fill. You can edit the default description as needed
    • If a code isn’t listed, click Add new code to manually add it to your services

  • Rate
    • If you bill in units, you’ll be able to enter the rate per unit
  • Duration
    • This will always be entered in minutes 
  • Booking options, including:
      • If new clients can request this service
      • If clients are required to call to request the service
      • Buffer periods (in minutes) before and after the appointment

  • Choose which clinicians offer the service
    • By default, all clinicians in the practice will offer a new service. Uncheck any that don’t and click Save

Setting default rates

The rate you set for a service will be the default rate for all clinicians who offer that service.

To customize the rate for each clinician offering the service: 

  • Select the service

  • Scroll down to the Clinicians offering this service section
  • Adjust the Rate for each clinician as needed

  • Click Save

The default rate will be applied when scheduling a new appointment.


Important: Once a clinician’s rate is changed, it won't automatically apply to their already scheduled appointments. If the clinician already has appointments scheduled, or has a recurring series of appointments scheduled, those can be deleted and recreated. Once recreated, the new rate will apply.

Resetting default rates

If you no longer want to set different rates per clinician, you can reset a service’s rate to its original amount. To do this: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing & Services > Services
  • Click on a service
  • Click Reset all to reset the rate for every clinician who offers the service

  • Click Reset next to an individual rate to reset it for that clinician only

    • If the Reset button is grayed out, it’s because the clinician’s default rate is the same as the original rate
  • Click Save

Important: After resetting a service’s rate, appointments already scheduled with the customized rate won’t be automatically updated. If the clinician already has appointments scheduled, or has a recurring series of appointments scheduled, those can be deleted and recreated. Once recreated, the new rate will apply.

Using client-specific rates

A clinician’s default service rate will apply to all appointments scheduled using that code. The only exception to this is if the client has a custom rate added to their profile for that same code. In this case, the client’s default rate will override the clinician’s default rate.

To add a client’s default service and rate: 

  • Navigate to their profile
  • Click Edit > Billing and Insurance 
  • Scroll down to Client Default Services
  • Click the Service Code dropdown

  • Select a code and set the desired rate
  • Click Save Client

You can add multiple unique service rates for the client, with one being set as their default.


Are clinician rates viewable in the Client Portal?

Service rates aren’t viewable in the Client Portal. When a client requests an appointment through the Client Portal, they’ll only see the description and duration of the service.


Which team members can adjust clinician rates?

Clinicians with entire practice access, practice managers, and practice billers are able to adjust clinicians’ service rates. 

I’ve been using custom service codes for unique rates. What should I do with those?

If you previously created a series of custom service codes, each with its own unique rate, for clinicians in your practice, you can delete any that’ll no longer be in use. To do this: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing & Services > Services
  • Select a service

  • Click Delete Service

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