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Setting up your Professional Website

Setting up your Professional Website

The Professional Website is designed to provide a simple and clean foundation for you to tell the story of your practice and engage with your client base.

This integrated website builder offers ease of use by pulling information from your existing SimplePractice account settings. The modern, one-page design translates to a beautiful mobile or desktop experience that is easy for you to manage and for your clients to navigate.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: For help connecting a custom domain to use for your Professional Website, see Setting a domain.

Enabling the Professional Website

To get started with customizing your Professional Website, the Account Owner or a Practice Manager will first need to enable it for the practice.

To do so, they'll go to Marketing > Website and domain and click Turn on website.


Once this feature is enabled, they can begin customizing your practice’s Professional Website. The site won’t go live until you click Publish. Publishing will be the last step to take once you're ready for your website to be seen by your clients and potential leads.

Note: Publishing your Professional Website will replace the landing page for the Client Portal. If you need to unpublish the site, the Account Owner or a Practice Manager can select Turn off website from the Website and domain page. Doing so will revert your Client Portal to its original landing page, and any customization to the Professional Website will be restored when you enable the feature again. Turning on your website again will not publish the website.

Sections of the Professional Website

Below, we’ll give an overview of each section available in your Professional Website. Some sections will be optional, giving you customization to include what’s most important for your practice.

When someone is viewing your published website, they’ll be able to jump ahead to any section using the tabs at the top of the page.

When customizing your Professional Website, you'll make adjustments by using in-line editing or updating your account settings directly in SimplePractice.

Customizing your website with in-line editing

With in-line editing, you can scroll down to the appropriate section that you’d like to update and click Edit. This will open the fields that are specific to that section for you to customize. Any changes you make will be reflected in your view of the Professional Website, but won’t go into effect until you click Save Changes then Publish your website.

You can use in-line editing to update the following sections of your Professional Website:


The Home section of your Professional Website is what users will first see when they navigate to your website, and it can set the tone for your practice.

This includes a short Header of up to 75 characters, and a Subheader of up to 100 characters. The Header and Subheader are required fields, and can be used to concisely convey the value and specializations unique to your practice. You can also customize the background of Home section by uploading your own image or choosing from more than 60 images and patterns.

Setting up the Home section:

  • Click Edit
  • Enter a Header and Subheader for this section
  • Choose an image or pattern for as the Background, or select Upload to add your own image
    • You can upload a .jpg or .png file that is 10 MB or less


  • Adjust the opacity of the background with the Readability slider, if needed
  • Select Save Changes

Note: When uploading a custom background image, make sure to choose an image that has a minimum width of 1,500 pixels and is optimized for web. You won't be able to crop, reposition, or edit the image within the website builder.


The About section should tell the user more about your practice.

Your Practice Highlights will be displayed directly underneath the Home section. These icons can be used to indicate whether you offer Telehealth services, accept Online Payments, take insurance, and are accepting new clients.

Note: Some of these Practice Highlights communicate directly with your SimplePractice account. If you don’t use our integrated Online Payments feature or have online appointment requests for new clients enabled, you won’t be able to enable these highlights.

The About section also has text fields where you can share information that helps potential clients get to know more about you and your practice.

This includes a short Header of up to 75 characters, and an About the Practice section where you can describe the mission of your practice, the reasons behind why you do what you do, how you first got started, the team members who are a part of your practice, and more.

Setting up the About section:

  • Click Edit
  • Enter a Header for this section and add a personalized message to the About the Practice field
  • Using the upload tool, add an optional Profile Image
  • Review the Name and Title fields to make sure they reflect the right person’s credentials
  • Select which Practice Highlights you’d like to have on display on your website
  • Click Save Changes


This is where you'll enter what your practice specializes in. Filling out this information will help make sure the right clients find your website. These fields include your Focus Areas, Approaches, Accepted Insurance, and Fees.

Setting up the Services section:

  • Click Edit
  • Click each section to manage the entries (each section is optional)
  • Click Save Changes


A testimonial from a client or colleague can be a valuable tool for prospective clients seeking a new therapist or wellness professional. A testimonial given by a client can be a helpful reflection of the relationship clients can expect when they join your practice. If the testimonial comes from a colleague, it can give credence to your expertise in the field while also supporting the growth of your professional network.

With the Professional Website, you can add testimonials directly. See our guide on adding Testimonials to make sure you're doing so compliantly.


If you want additional locations to appear on your Professional Website, you'll need to first add the locations to your SimplePractice account settings. You can refer to our guide on Adding practice locations to learn how. Once you have at least one physical office location listed in your account settings, you can return to the website editor to enable this section and select which locations you'd like displayed on your Professional Website.

If you want to hide your location altogether from appearing on your Professional Website, you can:

  • Click Edit
  • Toggle the switch to the off position for any office locations that you would like hidden from your Professional Website
  • Click Save Changes

Note: To learn how you can hide or display your exact address from prospective clients, see Hiding or displaying your address publicly.


To manage the options for clients contacting you:

  • Scroll to the top of the website editor and click Edit Website
  • Under Contact Options select if you'd like the Client Portal button and the Request Appointment button to appear using the toggle switches
  • Click Save Changes

Note: If you haven't already enabled the Client Portal and online appointment requests for your practice, you'll need to set this up in your SimplePractice account settings before they'll be available for your Professional Website.

Making adjustments to your account settings

The Professional Website uses smart defaults that pull from your existing account settings. This is designed to streamline the set up process and get your Professional Website looking polished in no time.

If you'd like to update the default for the following fields on your Professional Website, you'll want to do so by making the adjustments directly from your SimplePractice account settings before you create your Professional Website. For a step-by-step walkthrough of adjusting these settings, you can click on the section below to take you to the associated guide:

Important: When you enable these fields in your SimplePractice account settings, they'll carry over to your Professional Website by default. When you make edits to a free text field from the Professional Website editor, there will be a disconnect and changes made from your SimplePractice account will no longer carry over.


General FAQs

Security and compliance


Online Discoverability and SEO

General FAQs

Are there any additional font or theme options available?

Currently, there are 3 themes that you can apply to your entire Professional Website – Casual, Playful, or Modern. Each of these themes has a different font associated with them. At this time, there aren’t any additional font or theme options available. We may consider introducing more themes and customization options in the future. 

In addition to choosing a theme, you also have the option to choose between various color options, which will affect primary and accent colors used throughout the website.

Can I add an introduction video to my Professional Website?

There isn’t a way to include a multimedia video on the Professional Website at this time.

However, you can add a link to your social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. To do this:


  • Add your social media URL to the corresponding field
  • Click Save Changes

Can I create multiple websites for the different services we offer? Can I make my Professional Website available in multiple languages?

Only one website can be created per practice at this time.

Can I unpublish my website?

You can unpublish your website at any time. To do so, the Account Owner or a Practice Manager can turn off the Professional Website on the Marketing > Website and domain page. This will revert the Client Portal back to its original landing page, and any customization to the Professional Website will be restored if you choose to enable the feature again. Turning the website on again will not automatically publish the website.

How can I customize my website for my Group Practice? Can different clinicians have their own website?

At this time, there’s only the option to have one profile image included on the Professional Website and only one version of the website is available per practice. This can be managed by the Account Owner or a Practice Manager.

If you’d like, you can have this image be of the founder or a key practice stakeholder, or you could upload a group shot. Please keep in mind that the dimensions of the photo will be round.

While we don’t have an ETA for when further customization options will be available for group practice accounts, this is something that our team is actively working toward. We’d love to hear how we can improve the website to suit your practice’s needs. You can share your feedback here: Feedback for the Professional Website.

How can I link my blog to the Professional Website?

At this time there isn’t a way to embed links in the Professional Website, though you can choose to include the full URL in the free text field of the About section. 

To do this: 

  • Navigate to the website editor
  • Scroll down to the About section
  • Click Edit
  • Enter the link in the text
  • Click Save

Clients and leads won’t be able to click the link directly but they’ll be able to copy and paste the URL into their web browser:


How much does the Professional Website cost?

The Professional Website is available at no additional cost on the Essential and Plus Plans. You can choose whether to host your site using the default domain provided by SimplePractice (e.g., or to use your own custom domain.

If you’re on the Starter Plan, you’ll be able to enable the Professional Website from your settings and make and preview edits to the website. However, you won't be able to publish your website until you upgrade your plan.

Note: See Which subscription plan is right for me? for more information about the features included in each of the plans we offer.

My existing website has content organized between various tabs. Is there any way to add tabs for additional content? How can I break down my content into a digestible way?

The Professional Website is one page to offer a better experience for existing clients and potential leads. If you want to break down the copy that you include on your website, the free text field of the About section allows you to elaborate on the story of your practice. You can choose to break this section up into separate paragraphs that go into different sectors of your practice.

Why is the Professional Website only one page? Can I add additional tabs?

The simplicity of a vertically-designed website prevents visitors from getting lost in a maze of pages that don’t include a clear action for them to take. A recent study discovered that this type of website led to 38% more signups than a multi-page site.

This type of website also makes it easy to update your content as needed because it’s all on one, easy-to-navigate web page. Whether you’re updating your bio or adding more speciality services, you need to be able to easily add, remove, edit, or update content at any time.

Did you know that website visitors only wait an average of four seconds for a web page to load? The fewer barriers there are for potential clients, the more likely they are to engage with you. It’s one of those things that most people wouldn’t stop to think about, but it makes a big difference in your visitors’ experience. 

Roughly 49% of website visitors come from mobile devices, which means people need to be able to easily navigate your website content from their phone. Your website should be able to adjust seamlessly to devices large and small, so users can read directly from their mobile device. While some website builders allow you to adjust for mobile separately, consider a platform that automatically accounts for mobile adjustments. That way, you have one less thing to worry about.

The truth is more than half of all visitors spend less than 15 seconds reading through a website before losing interest and leaving. The minimalism of a single-page site naturally encourages you to add only what’s necessary. This format also gives visitors a comfortable, linear experience that leads them toward the action you want them to take, such as contacting you.

Does SimplePractice offer pre-written content that I can include on my website?

The Professional Website offers some thoughtful, pre-written headers as inspiration; however, we encourage you to write your own story. Although you’re an expert in your field, your clients are not and you don't need industry-specific terminology on your website. This type of language can come across as impersonal or even cold. We recommend that you take some time to use inviting, plain language, so potential clients can easily understand what you do and why you do it. You don’t have to use complex language to make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Your specialty should be clear to your audience from the very first line. Focus your writing so it speaks to the needs and wants of the clients you serve. Then think about the next step you want them to take. Book a consultation? Send an email? Fill out a contact form? Let them know. People want to be led and guided. Make the next step as easy as possible for your potential clients by having a call-to-action, such as “Get in Touch” or “Schedule an Appointment.”

Security and compliance

Is there a way to display the No Surprises Act on my Professional Website?

You can choose to include a footer informing clients of their right to receive a Good Faith Estimate on your Professional Website. To do this: 

  • Navigate to Marketing > Website and domain > Edit website 
  • Click Edit Website and select Practice Details
  • Under the Legal section, turn the Display No Surprises Act in footer toggle on


  • Click Save Changes > Publish 

This will be included in the footer of your Professional Website. See Making sure your Professional Website is compliant for more information. 

Is the Professional Website HIPAA compliant?

The platform that we offer is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. To make sure you're also adhering to these regulations with the custom content that you add, see Making sure your Professional Website is compliant.


Can I use the default domain initially and connect a custom domain later after my website is already published?

If you start out using the default domain that SimplePractice provides when you first publish your Professional Website and want to purchase and connect a custom domain at a later date, you're welcome to do so. Once the connection is successful, the new domain will go live. Plus, any clients accessing the default domain included in your SimplePractice account would automatically be redirected to reach your custom domain. 

See our guide on Setting a domain for more information on how to set up a custom domain.

I need help transferring my domain from my previous website, can SimplePractice help with this?

  • It's important to distinguish between what it means to transfer a domain and what it means to connect a custom domain.
  • Transferring a custom domain indicates that the host of the domain is changing. An example of this would be transferring your domain provider from to Google Domains. If this is something that you need to do, you will need to work with the representatives from the old domain provider and the new domain provider who will be able to assist with this process.
  • On the other hand, you can now connect a custom domain that's hosted by a third party domain provider to use as the domain for your Professional Website. Please note that SimplePractice is not a domain provider itself.
  • If you need to move your existing custom domain which currently points to your website hosted by a different website provider, so that it points to your Professional Website by SimplePractice, you will first want to work with the support team from your domain provider to disconnect the custom domain from your old website. Then, once the custom domain becomes available, you can set up the connection to your new Professional Website by SimplePractice.
  • While we can't assist with adjusting the settings of your third party accounts outside of SimplePractice, you can refer to our guide on Setting a domain for more information on how to connect the custom domain. Or, you can reach out to your support representative from your domain provider directly for additional assistance with this process.

Can I set up domain forwarding for my Professional Website?

While we can't assist with the setting of your third party accounts outside of SimplePractice, you can refer to our guide on Setting a domain for more information on how to connect a custom domain. Or, you can reach out to your support representative from your domain provider directly for additional assistance with this process.

Can SimplePractice help disconnect my custom domain from my existing website for me?

While we can't assist with the settings of your third party accounts outside of SimplePractice, you can refer to our guide on Setting a domain for more information on how to set up a custom domain. Or, you can reach out to your support representative from your domain provider directly for additional assistance with this process.

Online Discoverability and SEO

Can I update how my Professional Website displays in search engine results and shared link previews?

It’s easy to update the title of your Professional Website and modify how it displays in search engine results and shared link previews. To do this:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Website and domain
  • Click Edit website > Edit Website > Online Discoverability (SEO)
  • Adjust the Page Title


  • Click Save Changes > Publish

Note: Please allow a couple of business days for search engine results and shared link previews to refresh their information.

Is there any loss of ranking in SEO if I switch from my existing website and start using the Professional Website?

There are a lot of variables involved with SEO rankings, and we can’t definitively say how the needle will move when you migrate from an existing website to the new SimplePractice Professional Website. However, we create an optimized default page based on your SimplePractice settings, so you already have a head start on improved SEO.

That being said, you can edit the Online Discoverability (SEO) of your website to change how it can be found in a search engine to optimize the page titles and meta descriptions for what a client would search for. You can modify this by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Website and domain
  • Click Edit website
  • Click Edit Website > Online Discoverability (SEO)
  • Modify your Page Title and Page Description


  • Click Save

Are there any website management services that will help me customize and improve my "online discoverability" or SEO? I'm hoping for assistance on ongoing website management.

The foundation of the Professional Website is designed to help optimize SEO, and we'll continue to add enhancements that will help optimize your site's performance and online discoverability.

Troubleshooting common issues

Why can't I access the website editor?

Why am I seeing the message, "This is a preview of your website. To edit, increase the size of your window or rotate your device"?

The website editor for the SimplePractice Professional Website is unique in that it gives you the flexibility to make edits to your website directly from the browser window of your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad, whereas other website editors require that you download an application or access a computer screen to make any changes. 

You can choose which device works best for your workflow, but in order for the website editor to function properly, there's a minimum size requirement for the browser window. If the browser is zoomed in too far, or if the window is too small, the full website editor options will not appear and only a preview of the website will be shown.

What are the requirements for accessing the website editor?

The minimum viewport size is 768px wide by 500px tall. If you're seeing the message that states: "This is a preview of your website. To edit, increase the size of your window or rotate your device," here are a few tips you can try to access the website editor:

  • If accessing from a computer:
    • Zoom out of your browser window to increase the browser resolution
      • To do so, click View from the top of your screen and select Zoom out from the dropdown menu
    • Hide your toolbars
      • To do so, click View from the top of your screen and select the options to hide your: toolbar, bookmarks bar, favorites bar, and/or tabs bar. Please note, these options will vary depending on which browser you're using
    • Hide the downloaded files bar at the bottom of the window if present
    • Enter Full Screen view
      • To do so, click View from the top of your screen and select Enter Full Screen
  • If accessing the Website Editor from a tablet or iPad:
    • Rotate the device. If you're still seeing this message, your device may not meet the minimum width for the viewport size. The minimum width is 768px

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