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Account setup for clinicians in a group practice video series

Account setup for clinicians in a group practice video series

About this class

This Account Setup class is specifically designed for clinicians in a group practice. In the series of videos below, we'll cover navigating SimplePractice, sending intake forms, scheduling appointments, writing and completing documentation, and the basics for billing.

 In this guide, we’ll cover:

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Part 1. Get started in 15 minutes or less

In part 1, we’ll review the main workflows in SimplePractice to help you get started in 15 minutes or less. The main workflows covered in part 2:

Part 2. Adding a client and meeting

Part 2 includes 2 videos that go more in depth on how to add a new client and how to schedule a Telehealth appointment.

The first video covers adding a new client, sending intake paperwork, and understanding the client’s Overview page.

The second video covers best practices for hosting Telehealth appointments

Part 3. Notes & documentation

Part 3 includes 2 videos that go more in depth on client notes and documentation.

In the first video, we'll review documentation on the client’s Overview page and how to write a progress note for an appointment.

In the second video, we’ll review client chart notes, administrative notes, assessments, diagnosis and treatment plans, and mental status exams.

Part 4. Billing

In part 4, we’ll cover a quick review of the billing process.

Part 5. Popular features

Part 5 includes videos that cover our most popular features:

In this video, we cover enabling online appointment requests and setting up your availability.

In this video, we learn more about how to use the SimplePractice mobile app.

In this video, we go over how to easily message with clients and other members of your group practice safely and securely.

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